Monday, November 3, 2008

That's My Daughter in the Water

So as previously documented Ava has been swimming already with her Mum and Dad. Well this morning was my first "Dad's Morning" at Carmona House with Ava. We all took to the pool with our little ones and did the usual songs. The songs were however accompanied by lots of movement in the water and Ava loved it. The facilities and staff there are really top class.

Afterwards the fathers got together for coffee in another part of Carmona. We briefly discussed DS related matters and then moved on to Top Gear, the economy and of course property prices.

It is interesting to go to these events as it is very easy to sit at home with Ava and forget the larger context. I have to admit trips to Carmona do make me think about the long term. I do love to see other kids who are two and stuff and try and predict what Ava will be like. Anyway a great day!

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