Friday, June 3, 2011

Say it!

So yesterday morning was started with the news that special needs teaching support was to be cut by 10%. Having (like most) tolerated the cuts / tax malarky that has been ongoing for two years this was the breaking point. Rather than moan about it, I googled my local TD, found her mobile no and texted her. I told her that I had voted her first preference and that this new proposed cut was not acceptable. Within minutes I got a reply, she requested my email and I got the proposed details from the Ministers office. I drafted a letter in response.

Later I listened to Ruari Quinn backtrack. He started by apologising for the miscommunication (as well he should) and then rambled on. Now I am not sure if this was a kite / a backtrack / a mistake? This is not even about how quick my TD replied (as lets face it if the cuts had / do go / gone ahead this would be cold comfort.

The point is contact your TD's and tell them that no matter what this indeed was in the end we are as concerned parents / citizens monitoring unacceptable proposals such as this and will represent those who cannot represent themselves.

Now here is Ava pretending to be a cat.