Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mums get together, eat cakes and stuff...

Ok so this is really just another shameless 'photo' post (kind of) :)

My wife, Duffo, is part of a group that meet weekly in each others houses with the kids. They met and arranged it through the forums which shows what a valuable resource they are.

It is really nice to get the kids together and I just love this photo of Ava (bear), Noah and Cathal. Photo by Cathals Mum.

Also I wanna shamlessly paste a post duffo found on Cathals Big Adventure which I thought was super cool. This was a comment in reply to a photo of the 'Gang' at the last weekly meeting.

The picture of "the gang" brings me back to 1982, when my brother was two. Services and networks were poor so my Mum contacted new parents of children with Downs Syndrome and they came to our house for advice and a chat. On many occasions I came home to find a little "gang" in our sitting room with their anxious parents.
My brother is now 28 and our little visitors of 1982 and beyond are his best friends.
Keep up the great work

Also I notice Cathal has an Xbox 360 and likes comics....most excellent....


Cathal's Mammy said...

That comment is great isn't it :-)
It didn't bring a little tear to my eye....*sniff*....honest.
no wonder Cathal chose us to be his parents, our house is a boys paradise!! X-box, comics, biscuits....we've got it all

Nan P. said...

I was at this little gathering last Thursday, the mammies were kind enough to allow me in their little group, the babies welcoming enough to hold them all in turn.

I had a most pleasant day with them all, and came home thinking: "Special needs? What special needs? These are just babies. End of!".

They are all so cute! ;-)