Sunday, October 17, 2010



Cracking result today as Ava has finally made progress in her movement. Here is all the information which someone may find useful.

Ava has been slow to walk. She had been standing and cruising along furniture no problem but was very very cautious. We bought a little trolley from Ikea but again she was wise to the fact it might run away from her and she would fall. This had gone on for ages so yesterday we took action!

We tightened the wheels and put in a Tupperware box filled with sand (we can then adjust it if needs be by removing some). It was still too light so we added a box of detergent and this happened:-

Monday, October 11, 2010


A quick post on a website that was sent to me about an artist with DS called Lester.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Looong Overdue Post :-/

I haven't checked the stats recently so not sure if people still make their way to this blog but sure will do an 'ol update anyway. It has been a few months so sorry :(
Life has been been very busy as we also have our little Dylan. Ava had a good summer but was definitely getting bored by the end of it. This seemed to manifest itself with a lot of shouting which we didn't enjoy much. We were hopeful that when she started creche and "second steps" class in her school that we would see this improve and hopefully see a start to the walking!

So Ava started her "Second Steps" class 4 days a week and also has creche two afternoons a week. We have seen a massive change (all for the good) in her since she started. She is super close to walking now and is definitely trying to talk more. The extra stimulation has her babbling and standing and generally really moving forward with more words etc. There was an adjustment period where a few tears appeared when she started back but these seem to have gone now (fingers crossed)

On another note the last few months have seen me do some more work with Down Syndrome Centre doing interviews with new parents discussing the most excellent Liaison Nurse plus general new parent case studies. They also ran a new parent night in Dublin which was well attended with 60+ people.

Got a reminder from a friend this morning about Punky a new animation series from Monster Animation. You can read more about it here. It launches early next year. The relevance here is that Punky is the first headlining cartoon character to have Down Syndrome. Punky lives with her Mother, Brother and Granny and gets up to all sorts of adventures and mischief! Sounds fab.
Punky will broadcast next year with twenty episodes, each seven minutes long.