Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Ava's Ticker Checkup Part II (Back to Crumlin)

Ok so back in May we had been out to Crumlin to see Dr Franklin. Today was our follow up and although it was somewhat routine there was always that worry in the back of our mind.

Anyway the good news was that there is now only one very small hole left and it is so tiny there is nothing to worry about. Better again is it will almost certainly close up.

Once again Dr Franklin was super nice. The HSE should really consider moving this leading cardiologist out of her prefab portacabin with inadequate heating some day soon. Oh and the car parking still sucks bigtime. I cant imagine how frustrating this is if you were going there regularly for something serious.

And finally myself and the lovely Duffo fully realise how lucky we are that Ava has dodged this particular bullet. If she did have a problem however I would have total confidence in Dr Franklin.


Nick McGivney said...

Sweet. And the world keeps ticking along nicely. Echo the carpark gripe...

Nan P. said...


you are a little girl of many talents: the sweetest little smile ever, the cutest ladybird (with whiskers) impersonation, the strongest swimmer-with-daddy in South Dublin, and now the healing of your own little heart.

Well done! Nothing can stop you.

South Dublin Dad said...

thanks so much guys for your kind comments