Monday, June 29, 2009

Campaign Against Cutbacks in Crumlin

PJ Interview with RTE
Shot of Teddy's as of noon Saturday, Ava's Bear is the one with the Yellow Ribbon :)
Fair play to the organisers.

Kids (one of which is Jack) amongst the Bears

Friday, June 26, 2009

Official Down Syndrome Dublin Parent & Toddler Group

This post is probably a complete waste of time as Cathal's Mum already posted it. This is especially tragic as it is my missus, Duffo, who has organised it. So sit back , relax as I shamelessly cut and paste the post in here:-

The Carmelite centre will host the first 'official' parent and baby/toddler down syndrome Dublin group meeting on Mon 6th July from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Please let me know if you can attend and more importantly spread the word in your services. Siblings are also very welcome. Please bring some small toy or something to keep everyone occupied and a packet of biscuits or anything tasty to keep parents occupied. There is a tea and coffee station there.
The Carmelite centre have stated this is a trial for them too so depending on how we get on Mon 6th of July they will confirm if we can continue to Sept. It would be great if we could get a good number to show up. There is paid parking behind the centre, the directions to get to it are:

Approach Aungier Street from the Camden Street/Wexford Street direction, past the Church and go left at the lights and then immediate left.
There are also lots of buses going down that road, and the Luas is very close by!!!

Spread the word.....and join in for fun, tea and chat :-)

Location shown as point "B" on the map below.
The Carmelite Community Centre
62 Aungier St


Directions here

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Crumlin - Hit The Streets

It doesn't matter if you have never ever had a child in Crumlin. Hopefully you never will. Ava and her friends have all spent some quality time there (some more than most) but proposed cutbacks to Crumlin are unacceptable.

To force Cowen and his band of muppets to do yet another u-turn we need to take to the streets. And we need to be packing. Teddy Bears!
Make your way to town this weekend and leave a teddy outside the Dail to signify your children

Facebook group here

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Serious / Philosophical post alert!

(Following on from my previous post) Myself and Duffo have known for sometime (obviously) that we were having another baby. Whilst this is *very* exciting for us unlike most people having a second child (or god forbid twins which happily is not the case!) our thoughts turn to the possibility of having another child with Down Syndrome.

We returned to the Rotunda who as always are excellent. We first had a scan in the EPU (Early Pregnancy Unit) where an initial scan showed all seemed well in that there was a baby in there alright and it had a heart beat and was moving about (always a plus).

A week or so later we returned to our consultant who referred us to do some testing in the hospital itself. The types of testing and risks were outlined very clearly. They range from a scan and bloods which are zero risk to the more 'riskier' tests. She explained it was best to start with the zero risk tests and then decide if we wanted to undertake the riskier tests. Now I would point out that we had decided in any event not to proceed to the riskier tests no matter what happened but this was our choice and I judge nobody for what they decide. Tricky area!

So the 'risk-free' testing involved another scan which focused on checking for characteristics of DS in our new baby. Of all the indicators they focussed predominantly on the fold at the back of the neck, the measurement in our case was well beneath the indicator level.

Next blood was taken whereby more indicators are looked for, the results of which come back next day along with a Paddy Power style statistical analysis. Age is a factor (Duffo is 21).

So fast forward to next day and I am in the car in town when Duffo calls to say Great News statistically the chances are near 2000-1 and we are both delighted! I hang up ecstatic and major guilt sweeps over me as I picture Ava Bear at home smiling at me. Would I be so devastated if I had another Ava? It is an odd mixed feeling to have.

The bottom line (and I am first and foremost a pragmatist) the reality is I want a brother or sister for Ava that will 'round' off our family. I like this idea of rounding as we have many new friends who have two kids one with DS and you know what that's what we want too. We have been lucky with Ava and her health but I will be honest and admit that I especially want a *healthy* child. Everyone wants that right?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Exciting news, we are officially expecting our second child. We are both delighted and of course apprehensive too.

Some tests and stuff we are going to to do and indeed not do but will write more on that in the coming weeks (as they may be of interest)

So in summary..yay!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

HB Day @ Dundrum

Cathal was there, charming young man

OMG the famous Nan P!

Hangin Out

Stop takin photos buddy
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