Tuesday, December 30, 2008

DS Ireland Grandparents Day

Morning! Found about this from the most excellent Nan P, apologies for delay in posting, have been doing the Xmas thing :)


The Trinity Room.
The Gresham Hotel,
O’Connell St.,
Dublin 1.

on 14th January 2009 - 10.30am – 3.30pm

Facilitated by:

May Gannon - Counsellor.
Joan Murphy - Clinical Co-ordinator.
Grainne Murphy - Independence Officer.
Pascale Claes - Grandmother.


Please phone the National Office on 01 4266500 or email info@downsyndrome.ie to confirm your place.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa : Episode II

Happy Christmas Everyone!

We had a lovely morning in Kildarton with all Ava's schoolfriends and their parents. Santa was there as you can see and once again Ava met the man himself for a chat and a cuddle.

Again Kildarton staff are so so nice and it was a great event. I realised this morning how many people we now know in this 'elite club' we are in. My parents and my sisters family were there too which made it extra special, they have been such a great help since madam was born especially my sister Carol who is a true legend.

The best part of being at these mornings is to see how older kids are coming along and actually interacting with them and watching them flying about. I love it!

Also we got Ava a Nuk from the DS Ireland website and as she is teething she loves it! She has been a bit cranky of late with the ol teething but she loves this.

Anyway have a superb Xmas and here is to 2009! So far so good for our family and hope you all have a great one.

PS Can we take a moment to acknowledge one of my fave posts ever! Dr Cox!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Shameless video of Ava laughing!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

DS Dublin Xmas Party 2008

We had a lovely time today at the DS Dublin Xmas Party 2008. It was in the Garda Club on Harrington Road and was very well organised.

Ava put on her special Xmas outfit and her red shiny shoes. Also she had her new Xara winter coat (not pictured) she got from her Grandma.

When we got there we met loads of folk we knew including all the gang from the DS forum weekly mums meeting and also some Kildarton folk. They had a magician and elf DJ and of course the man himself...Santa!

Ava met Santa for the first time and got a selection box present which Duffo and I are going to look after.

A great day and well done to the organisers like Debbie who I met for the first time. I plan to make the next DS Dublin meeting and get more involved.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Monday Musings for Dec 1st

Irelaaaaand! Ava Bear watched the rugby but thought Ireland were poor and lacked passion. Duffo got her the jersey which looks fab I am sure you will agree. She might get a game yet.

So it is a very cold Dec 1st and I am just back from a failed attempt to go to my first DS Dublin meeting! I was there at the right time at the right place but nobody showed? Tis a mystery no doubt. Anyway we shall see what went wrong in the coming days (I hope).

Somehow managed to miss The Muse blog and so have belatedly added it to my list and have been reading through it. Sorry :(

This here is Ava's winter gear. She is doing great and is 8 months old this week. Ava had her developmental check up and did great.

Recently we noticed her eye was turning slightly inward and were concerned. We have obv have checked this with the folk who know and it is nothing to worry about as apparently they grow out of it...phew!

Anyway all good here, looking forward to Ava's first Xmas!