Friday, June 21, 2013

Another Graduation...a big!

A long overdue post, my last was Nov 2013 when Ava last had a graduation!  

Yesterday though she Graduated from Montessori. They had the most beautiful ceremony in the garden in the sunshine as the kids did "The Enormous Turnip" with songs and actions.  There were poems too and everyone enjoyed it.  The Magic Roundabout (about which I cannot say enough good things esp with recent childcare horror stories) had lovely booklets and framed photos for us afterwards.


It really was a day to reflect.  Ava is 5 years old now and thankfully in great health.  She starts mainstream school next Sept and even though there are constant stories of cuts we are very excited about her going to mainstream school (an excellent school by all accounts).  It has been a long long while since I have stopped to think back to ICU and early dark days but we have come a long way with support from fantastic family and friends.  Good times.