Thursday, September 4, 2008

People dropping several ways

So I installed Google Analytics (the big nerd that I am) when I started this blog and have just checked my stats and people are actually visiting here in decent numbers, yay!

This has inspired me to do some serious updates this weekend and also update my links and blogroll so I can send on traffic and people as other people are sending me traffic.

In other news:-
  • Duffo has quit her big glam job to stay home and look after Ava.
  • Duffo has gone to meet the other Mum's from the Down Syndrome Ireland forums. She brought her legendary chocolate cake. I am secretly hoping she returns with some for poor old Dad.


Cathal's Mammy said...

It is nice to know people are reading what you write, and coming back for more!!! I've got the ol' analytics all set up too....I'm very nosey

By the way, that cake was delicious.....I'm expecting it every week now

Martin said...

Hmmmm, chocolate cake, i never heard anything about chocolate cake!

(Cathal's Dad)

Nick McGivney said...

Howdy South Dublin Dad. Hi Ava and mum too. Will check you all later. Just clocked your visit so had to drop in at this very unsocial hour. Thanks for the link and when I have the energy I'll reciprocate. Isn't networking just faahb!