Monday, September 29, 2008

Back from Holidays!

Back from a fab holiday in Portugal (specifically here, would highly recommend it). Ava was good as gold on the plane on the way to Portugal and slept most of the way back too!

Airports were semi-interesting as it was so busy both ways and you do get the odd funny look from people but sure what can you do? Certainly doesn't bother me or Duffo (super Mom) one little bit.

Ava at the Villa pool with her Dad in her swimming outfit shortly before being put in the coldy pool and freaking out :)

On reflection this was not such a good idea as the water was that bit too cold and man did she freak out! This also led to the odd freak out during her nightly bath as she developed a temporary aversion to water although thankfully this soon went away!

Ava hanging out with Duffo. She got non stop attention all week and loved every minute of it. We saw a huge change in her over the holidays as she is getting really grown up and animated.

Miss her now I am back to work and don't see her every day. Duffo sends me super MMS snaps of her anyway so I see whats going on.

This was more like it, Ava *loved* the indoor (heated) pool. She pushed a ball round the pool and chased a small plastic boat! This was her first swim ever and we all really enjoyed it

Overall the holiday was really great, we needed it badly and it was great to get away! Back to reality now and already getting a poxy cold :(


Colm said...

fab photos!!! looks like your first family holiday was lots of fun!! missed you all, esp from Auntie Carol

Cathal's Mammy said...

She's looking far too cute!! I may have to babynap her on Thursday!

(promise I won't!!!)

Nick McGivney said...

Even though it's over I'm still jealous. Welcome back all. A's looking terribly relaxed with it all. Reassuring that flying wasn't a chore. Better go once a month or so now to stay sharp...

Nan P. said...

It’s great that you all have a good holiday…. Badly needed I bet!

Ava looks as if she enjoyed herself – a true globetrotter already! ;-) It shows a child is never too young to start travelling.

Cathal's Mammy said...

You've been tagged, in a good way!!! Collect your award at my blog and feel the love :-)

Lily said...

love her smile