Saturday, September 6, 2008


Got a nice email from our fab friend (one of many) Maisie this morning. You may remember Maisie from such blog posts as "Auntie Maisie and the Fancy Shoes ? Anyway here it is, a lovely email from a lovely lady:-

"hey - just wanted to tell you i just looked at all the stuff in the blog - WOW so emotional and honest and fab and i just feel we have been such a big part of her life too since the moment in the eagle house when you told me i was going to become an auntie right up to now and forever hopefully - every step of the way that you describe is so clear to me (well the parts i was in obv) and how amazing is it now to read (and laugh) about the jazz hands singing and dancing and related to each other stuff - all the things that seemed so insensitive at the time and now you realise they are all part of ava's story and it proves that it's far from tears and bad things around that child it's about laughter and joy and fun and smiles - (no jazz hands) so i'm very proud to know her and be part of her life - and as for you two - you are both just fab parents and even though she can't indicate it to you yet - ava knows that too..............xx"

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