Sunday, April 6, 2008

Two Weeks in Jurys / ICU

So for two full weeks we worked on the feeding in the ICU.

improved and we moved into the Jury's across the street for the fortnight. The Rotunda sent really nice social workers and again our families were superb. Everyone was such a great help.

Ava slept for most of it.

We were given the all clear on her heart with a follow up to come in Crumlin.

Some highlights from the two week ICU extravanagza:-
  • The Parnell junkies, how we miss you so.
  • A father to be arriving at Rotunda at 10am drinking beer. God help his child, coming to a robbery near you.
  • Being asked by an Indian ICU Nurse if myself and Duffo "were related"*
  • Getting flashed in the hotel bar by a semi naked Geordie Hen. "Wanna buy a watch?"
* We are not related thanks very much

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