Thursday, January 15, 2009

Grand Parents

So I posted previously about the Grandparents Information Day that took place yesterday. Congrats to Nan P and of course DS Ireland for what I gather was a very productive event.

My parents went (pictured here with Ava Bear over Xmas) and found it very informative. There were discussions on general health, communications and practical information and advice. Overall they felt they learned a lot and found it most worthwhile

They chatted with some of the facilitators and also some of the other grandparents some of which had travelled to Dublin especially for the event. Again how lucky we are to be in Dublin with all the great facilities and support.


Nan P. said...

And a good day was had by all. Amen!

Thanks for spreading the "message"

Nick McGivney said...

Well done to Nan P and the organisers indeed. Great work. Well done to Ava's GPs too. The more information, the less misunderstanding, the bigger the ripple.