Saturday, January 3, 2009

Go Shorty....It's my Birthday

Southdublindad's birthday today! So Happy Birthday to me! A lovely first Xmas with Ava Bear and Duffo. We celebrated Duffo's '21st' Birthday yesterday too (our birthdays are right beside each other!) Xmas was full of lovely walks with Ava Bear and just hanging out

Ava is now doing 'clap handies' and standing up (!) so we are delighted. She also drinks from a straw now which was a hard fought battle for Duffo but she has it totally sussed now.

Anyway Happy New to you all and thanks for reading my blog! I know some of you have some big stuff coming down the line this year but rest assured all will be well.


Cathal's Mammy said...

Happy Birthday! And well done Ava.....can you teach Cathal how to clap handies, he's having none of it?

Nick McGivney said...

Well done to Ava - powerchick! Standing, drinking wine with a straw, falling over... oh no, wait! That's her dad celebrating his big day! Happy birthday big boy. And happy new year to you all.

Nan P. said...

Happy Birthday Southdublindad!

Happy Birthday Duffo!

And way to go Ava, way to go Supergirl!

Martin said...

Happy birthday to the Ava gang, albeit a day late! Great news on Ava's progress, keep up the good work.