Monday, December 22, 2008

Santa : Episode II

Happy Christmas Everyone!

We had a lovely morning in Kildarton with all Ava's schoolfriends and their parents. Santa was there as you can see and once again Ava met the man himself for a chat and a cuddle.

Again Kildarton staff are so so nice and it was a great event. I realised this morning how many people we now know in this 'elite club' we are in. My parents and my sisters family were there too which made it extra special, they have been such a great help since madam was born especially my sister Carol who is a true legend.

The best part of being at these mornings is to see how older kids are coming along and actually interacting with them and watching them flying about. I love it!

Also we got Ava a Nuk from the DS Ireland website and as she is teething she loves it! She has been a bit cranky of late with the ol teething but she loves this.

Anyway have a superb Xmas and here is to 2009! So far so good for our family and hope you all have a great one.

PS Can we take a moment to acknowledge one of my fave posts ever! Dr Cox!


Nan P. said...

I agree with you, Nick's post on the Doc Cox is good.

I think kids with DS are actually quite privileged, they get to meet Santa again and again, and at the very young age. The poor oul man must be exhausted by Xmas eve! ;-)

As for Ava, cure as ever!

My name is Sarah said...

Such a cute picture with Santa