Sunday, December 7, 2008

DS Dublin Xmas Party 2008

We had a lovely time today at the DS Dublin Xmas Party 2008. It was in the Garda Club on Harrington Road and was very well organised.

Ava put on her special Xmas outfit and her red shiny shoes. Also she had her new Xara winter coat (not pictured) she got from her Grandma.

When we got there we met loads of folk we knew including all the gang from the DS forum weekly mums meeting and also some Kildarton folk. They had a magician and elf DJ and of course the man himself...Santa!

Ava met Santa for the first time and got a selection box present which Duffo and I are going to look after.

A great day and well done to the organisers like Debbie who I met for the first time. I plan to make the next DS Dublin meeting and get more involved.


My name is Sarah said...

Ava looks so adorable in her Christmas dress and sitting with Santa. She is so cute. You must be so proud.

Nan P. said...

Ava, you are as cute as ever.

And some new experience, meeting Santa for the first time! Well done!

Nick McGivney said...

You're making me feel so guilty here. We missed meeting you this time, but we'll eventually cross paths. That man in the red suit looks younger to me every bloomin' year. Am I getting old?

Tara Marie said...

Well hello sweet Princes Ava! I found your blog through NanP.

I look forward to watching your sweet girl grow and blossom through your blog.

Have a Blessed New Year.