Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mainstream School - We made it !

Big day today.  Momentous Day! Ava, 5 years old puts on the school uniform and heads with Mum and Dad for her first day at big (main stream school).  Arrived and sat at her new seat not a bother and (thanks to much advance prep from her Mum) was keen to meet her teacher and SNA (yes we are very lucky). 

I often don't reflect on her DS or situation in general just enjoy her as I do my (non DS) son but today was different.  We didn't get all teary (as some other parents did) but I did think back to 2008 when our family rallied around when she was born.  Shock, ICU, mother's in law bringing food to ICU, appointments, tubes.  We have been super lucky with Ava's medical conditions in comparison to others.  She has actually been sick for the last several weeks but with stomach illness but rallied two days ago. And after her first day in school?  Had a great day!  Delighted - a group effort and we got there.  Onwards and upwards for my little superstar!  Must post more as I see this site since 2008 has had 28,000 page views - thanks - contact me!

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