Monday, February 14, 2011

Trials and Tribs

Evening all,

So Ava is *finally* walking. Not to the shops and back with the papers but twenty steps and still way too cautious but getting there. We are delighted. Major thanks to the physio in Kildarton who worked tirelessly and used every trick in the book. Kildarton do great great work. Here is a video for reasons best known to myself I flipped my phone halfway through so apologies.

Second had my first experience recently of kids being cruel to Ava. Tough one. We were out and two kids (small but old enough to know better)fully walked over and pointed at her and 'impersonated' her. They were literally standing pointing and laughing a foot from her face, She smiled and waved at them. That couple of seconds put me in bad form for two days to be honest. It taps into the deep rooted fears one has I guess? I mean especially with small kids cos unlike say a rude guy at a Supermarket you cant walk over and smash em over the head with a bottle :-)

Anyway take the good with the bad and its 99% good.


Cate said...

walking is awesome! she looks like such a big girl.

Kids can be so horrible. I wouldn't smash them with a bottle (although I would want to for sure), but I'd say something. I'm working on developing the right tone of voice for these things.

Nan P. said...

Go Ava! And I agree with her, holding your head is so much better for balance ;-) She is so great! Could she show the tricks she learnt to Cathal?

As for the 2 kids, that's tough. But when they find themselves at the receiving end of cruelty, they will understand what they have done... Small consolation, I know, but...