Thursday, July 1, 2010

Get Up Stand Up

Watch this.....
I can pull myself up now......on just about anything....and do so all day long...

It rocks!
So Ava is two and a bit and still no walking :/ Loads of the boys her age are *flying* around the place like mad and we are patiently waiting. The great part of meeting with other parents, especially those with older kids, is they reassure you it will come. In recent weeks Ava has been moving *loads* and can pull herself up and shuffle round like mad. We have to baby proof the house now (or move out which is not really an option to be honest).

Schoolwise Ava has finished "First Steps" in the super fantastic Kildarton and starts "Second Steps" in Autumn. Finally Ava is now attending a Creche over the Summer and is already in the 'settling in' week.

All in all she is coming along great I am happy to say.

I will endeavour to update the blog more going forward and bore you all with the details of Ava (Bear)


Colm said...

Yay! Well done Ava! And to your fab Mum and Dad who helped you get to where you are-standing up!!! Walking/running is just around the corner.... (and they won't know what's hit them!) Love you forever. Auntie Carol xo

Cathal's Mammy said...

Now Ava, you'll need to call over and show Cathal how it is done. He's a very lazy boy!!!

Nan P. said...

Ava, you are too cute! You know how to keep these parents of your awaiting, and then... surprise, surprise, here you pop up! Well done.

And tell your dad to give us lots of details, we won't be bored, we are waiting for them!