Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Heavy Stuff (Alert)

Heavy article in last Sunday's Times. Watched Duffo read it with great difficulty and had intended to read it but forgot until I saw it on Muse's Blog

Heavy article and really made me think. I was going to write something last night but was too angry reading it but this morning upon reflection I feel both angry and very sad.

It annoys me greatly how she discusses 'losing' the baby. It also annoys me they way the ceremonial element is outlined and how he can 'watch the football' where he is laid to rest. Photographs and footprints....really?

It saddens me that she had no idea what she has missed out on. I wonder what her best friend thinks? I personally think there is something significant that by the end of the article we see she is on her second failed marriage. I know but that's what I feel.

Ava comes into our bed each morning and smiles away at us, doesn't look like she is suffering much to me?


CeeGee said...

I'm pregnant, 39years old with a wonderful little boy who happens to have DS.
I can't imagine our lives for a second without him or him being anyother way.
At times i have ached that he might have a more difficult journey to his older sibling but i don't know that he'll see it like that.
I know i have no right to judge but i was horrified by this author's perception of the events before and after the termination.
I'm glad its not my life.
Christ it is heavy and my emotions and feelings of anger toward her and at myself for being angry with her are really stirred up!

Nan P. said...

Very disturbing. I do not want to go into the whole abortion debate, I believe it is a personal issue. But the description of the "ceremonial" around it is so creepy... It reads as if the child was lost through a stroke of fate, not through a parental decision.... Is this denial? And if it is, why put it out so publicly? Very disturbing indeed.

Sorry for the "copy and paste" of my comment on The Muse's blog, but this is just the way I feel here... :-(

mama said...

I feel sick having read that article. I cannot believe that she took a tablet to stop her baby's heart. I feel physically sick. My daughters heart stopped suddenly when I was 38 wks pregnant. I have been through the birth of a stillborn child and it is horrific, traumatic and terribly terribly sad and wrong. I found it so hard to read and it has made me very angry.

VeganCowGirl said...

Wow. That article ripped me to shreds. Thanks for sharing, don't think I would have seen it otherwise. I too feel uncomfortable with her soppiness, and the comments on 'losing' the child. I am pro-choice (in early weeks - not 19), but I am also pro-honesty and this article/situation isn't honest. I agree wtih CeeGee - it is down to her perception and then how she presents it. Wow.

Teresa said...

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