Saturday, April 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Ava Bear. One Today!!! Go Shorty!

Haaaang on a Sec....

April 4th?......

It's My Birthday! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

My Ava Bear is one year old today and I just can't believe it. What a year it has been. Myself and my (unbelievably cool) wife Duffo are so proud of our beautiful daughter (I know sickly sweet). Duffo has done an amazing job and Ava is a credit to her. A lot of work has been put in there and it has all paid off. My girls are a great team.

DS or not I have to say having kids is awesome. Today is a good opportunity to reflect. What started with a tough beginning and initial 'shock' has been all good since. We have been blessed that no major health problems have arisen. We have met some really fab people through our new circles and have some great new friends. I see these friendships as being super important in the future. Special shout out to my fellow blogger friends / readers and to Duffo and Ava's mother weekly group.

Finally in what I think should be a last tip of the hat to this time last year, ICU etc etc I want to say thanks again to our families + friends (esp the parents) for all their help esp. Carol super sister (tm).

In at attempt to make this post somewhat useful (as opposed to 100% sickly sweet) here is some stuff we have learned since Ava was born which may or may not be of use.

- Yes she has DS but hey ho get over it and move on. It's tough at the start but no matter what just get on with it.
- Get involved, read, go to talks, read some more. Lots of good information out there.
- Get a nuk for your child with DS, they are superb trust me,
- Get a Honey Bear Straw Cup
- Do lots and lots of talking direct to your childs face from early on it pays back in spades
- Down Syndrome Forums are a great resource.
- Sing!

So thats it , what a year, cheesy celebration photos to follow no doubt.

PS Cathal get better soon!


Nan P. said...

♫ ♫ Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you Little Ava, Happy Birthday to you ♫ ♫

And a happy Birth Day to your mammy, and daddy!

What a cuttie you are! I love the photos.

And I am sure Cathal is also wishing you a happy birthday. Wait until he comes out of hospital and tells you in person.

The Muse... said...

Happy Belated Birthday Ava!! I love the pictures, they are so cute she is gorgeous!!

Shelly, martin and Noah

ps ava i have a birthday pressie for you , Noah

Nick McGivney said...

A whole year. Isn't it incredible. And as my Mum says, they only get quicker. Obviously Ava's powerful rugby mojo kept the grand slam dream on track. She's looking like she's a champion herself. Loved your thoughts and sentiment a year in. Keep up the fantastic and inspiring parenting. No pressure!

My name is Sarah said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Ava. One year old!!! I love your pictures.

Mel said...

Happy birthday Ava, you wee cutie. Love from Luke ;)