Monday, March 16, 2009

Ava Meets the Mayor ( ! ) and other ramblings

Couple of things to report:-

First up and most importantly a massive shout out to Nan P and Sylvaine, we are thinking of you guys and Cathal! Looking forward to seeing his cute little face again soon at Gymboree!

So Ava met the Mayor at at a photocall for Down Syndrome Day (March 21st) last week. Duffo brought her along to lend her support. I heard about this through the DS Dublin Branch

I also attended my first DS Dublin Branch monthly meeting which was interesting, will take one or two more to get the feel for it I reckon.

Also you can buy Lir Chocolates to help raise money for DS Dublin by calling Margaret Carroll on 086 1540652.

Also as I find my way through the DS society I came across Down Syndrome Centre who are only round the corner from my house! Met their CEO for a very informative chat and have to say I love their website and indeed their whole ethos. Must keep in touch with those guys.

To conclude this most rambling of posts the centre have what sounds like a fab talk with Ann Haig Wheeler on early intervention and more information on their site

Oh and finally I heard DS Ireland have no Chief Executive at the moment which seems kinda odd to me? One to watch I think....

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The Muse... said...

Ah she is gorgeous, she loves the camera! See you on friday. Shelly