Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Lamh Reply

Ok so I have sent a brief reply to Lamh as below. Having reflected on this:-
  • I believe Lamh should be open-source
  • I believe I was not given an opportunity to meet with them and explain what I had in mind
  • I dont believe the Lamh A Long is what people are looking for
Anyway I will continue to watch out for this DVD and am also trying a different inroad.....

I am delighted to hear a DVD is planned for this year. All the parents I have spoken with are looking forward to ordering what we hope will be a high quality product this Summer. Can you confirm the actual date when we can place an order?

I would respectfully disagree that “the development of the type I described” would not “fulfill training needs” as I believe that without having actually met you and discussed my proposal in detail that you could actually understand it? I would add that a voluntary organization such as yourselves should welcome input and services from parents such as myself with resources.

In any event roll on the Summer and the Lamh DVD, I will be delighted to see the “Lamh-a-Song” DVD.

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Nan P. said...

Thank you for all your efforts. No matter the result (or non-result as in this case?) the good people of Lamh MIGHT have got the message...? Let's hope.

I'll too be looking for that DVD. Might be no harm contacting them in 6 months time and ask them: "hmmm, excuse me, heard you have a new DVD out, where can I buy a copy?" and see what the answer is... I must set a reminder somewhere to this effect ;-)