Friday, July 2, 2021

End of an Era (in more ways than one)

The end of an era in more ways than one.  

I think for all parents it is very emotional for their child to finish Junior school and go into Senior School.  Friends scattering to different schools and a big ol change. It hadn't really occurred to me that when Graduation Day came there would be an extra layer that kinda knocked me for six.  This is Ava going to a new special needs senior school but also leaving mainstream which feels really significant and did make me sad.  Makes me think she is losing out by not being with mainstream kids and I have to think there is an element of truth and reality to that. Obviously looking forward to her new school and new friends but a very emotional / nostalgic week.!

Lots of messages from her classmates parents to say how much she has taught those kids especially the girls who really looked after her.  Equally Ava learnt so much from them. 

Onwards and upwards - sometimes the reminder that you child is "different" can smack you in the feels when you least expect it.  In my case it was when she was walking out of the graduation event with them all saying goodbye to her.  She loves / loves her classmates and they love / loved her.  She is in the walls  / DNA of that school and will be missed (and she will miss it so much)

Anyway...onwards dammit. :)


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